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I have worked with many start-ups that insist on doing design themselves to cut costs.  The truth is that decision costs you way more money in the long run. Changing the design once the technology is built can cause a giant sh*t-storm of issues. From having to adjust layouts and functionalty to rewriting whole pages of technology to accommodate design it is worth the effort to getting your design as close to ‘right’ as possible BEFORE development begins.

1. Paper napkins for the win! Yes, you should literally draw your design and map your functionality on paper before getting too serious. The problem areas will reveal themselves easily and your budget will be grateful for it.

2. Photoshop that! Once you have a better idea of what your prototype needs to do, try using Photoshop or Graphio or any digital graphics program to mock up your designs.

3. Program your mockups in a simulator. This will allow you to change functionality and design based on how you interact with your prototype. It will also serve as back up documentation for the developers to understand the behaviour you want your app to perform. Get links and transitions right, understand how your app will come to life before investing heavy spending in to development.

Need help? Let us know! We’d love to work with you to help you prototype right!